Monday, September 27, 2010

The Center of Your Strength

We live in a rough and tumble world. Television, the staple of proper cultural behavior, tells us that we have to fight to make our way in this world. We have to overcome our obstacles, we have to defeat our enemies, we have to make the bad guys lose. Or else, we will lose and be abused.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

The center of your strength, the place where you make things happen in the world, is your heart - your love. When you stand in your loving center, you realize that the world is connected - you realize that there is no such thing as good and bad - there is only people doing things with various degrees of love. The things we think are good, are loving things such as helping someone. The things we think are bad, are actually things with less love in them such as hating someone.
When you realize this, you also realize that it makes no sense to make the bad guys lose. How does someone being abused help another or society in general ? How does hurting someone achieve your goals ? How does this make you any different than the bad guy ?

When you return to your heart and practice loving, you begin to realize your true power and strength. You begin to manifest what you truly desire, your heart’s true desire. And it happens almost like magic. And no one gets hurt. In fact, the more you practice the better you get and the less likely that a bad guy or obstacle will appear. And the more you practice being loving, the more you will realize who your true enemy is - yourself.

That’s right - you. Every bad guy whoever appeared in your life was only reflecting your attitude toward yourself. That is why it is essential for you to practice loving yourself first before you try to love anyone else. You cannot love anyone more than yourself. You can fool yourself into believing that you can but the truth is loving someone more than yourself is impossible. Why? Because where does this love for others come from ? From you. From your realization of what love truly is. You can fool yourself into thinking that being of service to others is love but without self-love it is only slavery. Or just a job to do. If you become tired and exhausted loving someone else, you are NOT truly loving them. If you were, this love would be self-renewing and it would renew you in kind.

So the reason we need to love ourselves is so that we can be ourselves. And in so doing, we who stand in our true loving center, can make miracles happen - miracles of manifestation, miracles of change, miracles of love.
So how do we get there, this place called our loving center ? The answer is both easy and difficult. The easy part is this : just love yourself unconditionally. Just tell yourself something loving such as - I am beautiful or I am pure or I am wonderful . . . or whatever makes your heart vibrate with joy and happiness. For me, I have a special image in my mind in which two angels come to me. They tickle and play with me and tell me that I am beautiful. They show me an image of what I look like to them - a radiant loving man with dazzling eyes of gentleness and love. You are that person, they say to me. I accept their vision of me and immediately my heart begins to radiate love. My eyes open to the world and I see all possibilities - I know what my heart desires can happen and I know how to make it happen: Believe in myself, believe in the loving essence of the universe, believe in my intent and will and believe in the power of love to make things happen.

The difficult part of getting to our loving center is Not Believing that you can get there. Not believing in yourself. Not believing in love. Not believing in your heart. Not believing in loving yourself. Doubt, fear, mistrust, belittling yourself, blaming - all these things cause pain, not just to ourselves but to everyone around us that feels our pain. Not believing hardens our heart, makes it more difficult to access our heart and makes it painful to try to access our heart. The more you have practiced not believing in your heart, the harder it is to break this habit or addiction of not believing in ourself - this Unlove of ourself. Most of us have had countless years practicing not believing in ourselves. We have been taught to seek happiness and solutions from things outside of ourselves - get that new plasma screen TV, get a new motorcycle, get a facial. This will make you feel better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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