Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new Beginning - the taomaster changes

There are critical points in everyone's life when major shifts in perspective take place. I call these 'critical points of major shift'. But the truth is - these points are nothing more than tipping points - places where the last straw, the last grain of sand, the last tiny piece of change - shifts the balance arms and the soul seemingly makes a profound shift or change.
These changes are not the result of the last grain of sand but all the grains of sand that have been dropped on the scale - the grains of sand are, of course, things that we have done hoping to produce a change in ourselves. And today, I feel as if I have laid the last grain of sand on my scale - today I feel as if I have produced an internal change that will be permanent.
I have become alive again ! I relish the idea of living and making a change in the world that I live in. I am living positively and I love it !
That is why I have decided to start this blog. Right now I feel that this blog represents the new me and what I want to give to the world - The Seven Miracles (for change)
These miracles have changed me and they will change anyone else who wants to use them. They will change the world and how the world deals with itself.
I hope to post here everyday but I also will only post meaningful stuff (I hope) about myself and how I am coping with the world.
I will end this with a smile. (See above) Let the light shine on you and smile !

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