Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little advice I recieved a day or two ago

Sometimes it seems that no matter how you pray or ask, you don't seem to get what you want. I was feeling like that a couple of days ago, when out of the blue, a thought came to me - You are not asking properly.

I kind of figured that this was an angel telling this, so I went along with it. I asked how is the proper way to ask for something. Immediately, I had this thought - be specific
and since words direct your energy, say the right words.

Again I was left wondering if I had to do a proper ritual or something but the thought came to me that instead of saying something like this:

"Angels and the universe and God, I want more money"
say something more like this:

"Angels, God, and all who would help me for my greater good, bring to me enough money to do _____________ in the next two weeks." (fill in the blank with whatever you to do)

The thoughts explained that rather than saying what you want or what you need, say what you will do with whatever tool (money, opportunity, jobs...) you require. This makes you focus on what you want to do, rather than the tool you need. What you really want in life is not enough money - what you want to do is what you feel in your heart. If you focus on money (a tool for obtaining what you want - you will lose sight of what you want and become stuck on getting the tool rather than getting the job done.

I thought that was some pretty good advice so I am posting it here.
I am testing this out this weekend - I will let you know what happens.

Love to all,

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  1. Sounds like great advice. I've also read that when you ask you should only ask once (or twice) because your asking w/ faith that you will be provided for. The example I remember is you would only give your waiter the order once, not follow him into the kitchen repeating the order over & over again. That's me by the way. Following and repeating...