Monday, September 20, 2010

A Sign of Things to Come ?

I am sitting in the library, in one of their new comfy chairs, today's newspaper spread out on my lap and a book I have just picked up from the hold shelf is in my hands. I have waited weeks for this book to come in and I am eagerly skimming the pages when I here a strange buzzing sound directly in front of me. My first thought is that I am hearing someone's phone that is set to vibrate, but that thought quickly goes as I notice that the buzzing is irregular. Plus, there is no one sitting in front of me, only a large window that is looking out to the setting sun.

The buzzing continues and then I laugh because I see what is making the noise. It is a large dragonfly. It is trying to fly off into the sunset - unsuccessfully. It is inside, on the wrong side of the window. The poor dragonfly keeps trying to fly up into the sky only to be met by the resistance of the glass. He tries with all his might to get going but the glass keeps him from his goal. The buzzing is coming from his attempts to get out and up. He tries until he runs out of energy and then he sits on the window sill resting. When he refreshes himself, he tries to fly away again and again he meets with failure.

All at once, I decide that I can help him. I decide that I will trap him in a coffee cup, use one of the library's flyers about upcoming programs as a makeshift lid, and I will take him outside where he can be free. I see this all in my mind and I go to the new coffee machine, get a cup (which appears to be almost too small), get a flyer, walk back to the window and try out my escape plan for my friend in need. I tell him not to worry that I am helping him and he lets me trap him in the cup. The flyer is barely able to cover the opening but it works and he does not resist. I walk the entire length of the library with my new companion and then I go out the front door. There is a cement bench nearby and I put the cup down there. I figure he will crawl out and then fly off but he surprises me - He flies immediately out of the topless cup and straight up into the sky. In an instant, he is gone. No thank yous, just the satisfaction of helping out another of God's creatures.

I get back into the library, back into my chair and then it hits me. Maybe, just maybe, this is some sort of sign, an omen or a sacred sign. I had been reading a book titled "Sacred Signs" by Adrian Calabrese. In it she says that to receive a sacred sign (a strange occurrence that has deep meaning for you), you must both ask for it and be ready and aware of it when it comes. I had asked for a sign, but I had not gotten any significant odd occurrences yet. So I went home and looked up what dragonflies might represent.

According to the medicine cards book by Jamie Sams, dragonflies represent illusion. Specifically illusions which limit you or restrict you from reaching your dreams. Wow. Here I was with a sign custom made for me - this little guy, my dragonfly, was constantly trying to fly high and free but was stopped time and time again but an invisible barrier. But he would not give up. He might still be trying right now except for the fact that I helped him.

Maybe he represents me, I thought, maybe I too am trying to fly away only to be stopped by something I cannot comprehend. Maybe, just like my friend, I need help to achieve my goals. And when I thought that thought, another thought followed - ask us for help. I knew this came from my guides and angels and helpers (I call them team Frank). I knew they were telling me that I am being moved to a place where I can fly high and free. I have to sit back and trust them, and they will do the rest.

So that is where I am now, thanking team Frank for the sacred sign and thanking them for the help that is to come. I have to have faith and not resist. I have to wait for the lid to come off of my coffee cup and then I too can fly high into the sunset.

Namaste from the Taomaster

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  1. LOVE! LOVE! This story. I thought I was the only one saving insects; my family being used to me running through the house with some bug to set it free. And the dragonfly, just such a special symbol. Back when I was really really lost I thought it so fitting that the color of my motorcycle is Dragonfly. I'll email you a link to something I found about dragonflies that says dragonflies aid in the search for what needs changing. Great post.