Friday, September 10, 2010

Rising out of the pond

The scene was very much like this picture. A large circular pond with crystal clear waters, light coming from above. I was seeing this picture in my mind. I noticed there was someone swimming in the pond and another person on the far shore. There was a path on the far shore which ran down a hill, ending at the pond's shore.
The two people were calling to me - telling me to jump into the pond. The swimmer swam towards me. I had a good feeling about them so I did as they said - I jumped in.
Instantly, the swimmer was upon me and the person from the other shore was right behind her. They held me under the water and I did not struggle, in fact I allowed them to do this. There was something about the water, something healing - I liked being under the water. I felt my body and soul being refreshed. The two people introduced themselves as angels and told me I needed to be reborn in my eyes - and when they did that I saw myself, lying just under the surface of the water - but it was a different me - a more radiant and glowing me. (I did look good !)
The angels said they needed to open up my heart and they said that I needed to let what was in my heart out. So I did. And it was a fantastic experience - I saw that I was holding onto some negative concepts about myself - and as I let go of these concepts, a radiant light came from my heart. The angels were holding me in their arms and I felt love coming from them.
I thanked them and they hugged me - "We are always here for you. Whenever you need to be refreshed, come back here."

The vision faded and I ended my meditation. And I have felt lighter and more accepting of myself since.


  1. How cool that you found your special place where you can connect to your Angels/guides for healing.

  2. It all happened in a moment. I was not trying to find this place - it found me.
    Thank you Elena for your comment.